27 Year-Old Explains Why She Needs Welfare, Leaves People Outraged

Nim Murphy is 27 years old has reportedly quit her job because her breasts, sized 12HH, are causing too much physical pain. She is now of welfare and lots of people are outraged, but she explains why she needs it.

“I can’t work, I can’t exercise properly, I can’t do most things,” Murphy said. “I don’t want to be on [welfare] and not doing anything.”

She also claims, she suffers from a reversal of the lordotic curvature, which means that instead of curving forward, her spine curves back at the neck area.

“I get migraines, I’ve got constant shoulder and neck pain,” she laments. “About two and a half years ago I had to call in sick because I got out the front door and started vomiting in my front yard just from the pain and so I had to stop working.”

Murphy told 9News that she cannot afford the procedure for breast reduction due to her financial status and lack of private health insurance.

Although Murphy’s breast reduction can be classified as medical in nature she cannot skip the line of individuals waiting for similar procedures through Australia’s public health system, 9News reports.

So Murphy will have to wait, It could be several years due to Australia’s dysfunctional socialized public health care system.

Dr. Dan Kennedy, plastic surgeon and secretary of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, claims he thinks the surgery is warranted in this case.

“I think breast reduction is the best operation that I do,” Kennedy says. He cites a recent study which followed 200 women after breast reductions surgery, all of whom showed a marked improvement in their overall health and wellbeing only a year after the operation.

“When people come back after their operations they say that they’ve had a dramatic relief in neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, that they can exercise more freely,” Kennedy said.

According to Murphy, her relief can’t come a moment too soon.

Sources: 9News