Man Who Kicked Woman on Bus In Face Because Her Skirt Was Too Short Gets Acquitted (Photo)

After kicking a woman in the face on a bus, 35-year-old unnamed man was arrested by the Police.

After shouting, “Those wearing shorts must die,” he confessed to kicking 23-year-old Aysegul Terzi because of what she was wearing.

The unnamed man told police, “The shorts she was wearing were not appropriate. That’s why I was angry and behaved so,” This man has also been diagnosed with manic depression.
The whole situatuion was caught on the bus’s closed-circuit television system. Where Terzi, who works as a nurse, sustained severe bruising.

However, despite the evidence and confession, a Turkish court released the suspect on the grounds that he had committed no crime. The court decision was not too surprising, considering that Turkey has a terrible record regarding the treatment of women, as Al Jazeera reports.

The methods of abuse are numerous, ranging from pushing women off balconies to setting them on fire. One woman was buried alive by her family for listening to music they didn’t like, notes Al Jazeera.

“There is no point in asking what kinds of violence we see,” said a spokesperson for a Turkish women’s rights group, explaining that a better question would be: “What methods are not used?”

A United Nations report notes that violence against women in Turkey is closely tied to “the concept of honor with women, women’s sexuality and the control of women.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Al Jazeera